The Forbidden List
More than sixty years ago revolutionary technology seized from Nazi slave labor labs in central Europe was consigned to the Forbidden List to be kept secret forever.

But recently Deputy Assistant Undersecretary of Defense, Daniel Rivers, stumbled across the material and plotted to make a fortune from its release. Rivers' scheme was discovered and everyone relaxed when he was quietly silenced with a commitment to the Wheaton Fields Psychiatric Clinic as a paranoid schizophrenic. Relaxed, that is, until it was discovered that a copy of the data was missing.

Now competing forces are plotting to be the first to possess the revolutionary discovery. Caught in the middle of this free-for-all is Dr. Steven Westbrook, the new Medical Director at the Wheaton Fields Hospital.

On Westbrook's second day on the job, he's confronted with Daniel Rivers' murder soon followed by a puzzling series of events as the battle to find and exploit the missing technology becomes increasing more lethal and draws Westbrook ever deeper into its web.
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