Stolen Angel
When Peter Howard stumbled across a kidnapped little girl in the middle of nowhere he intended to merely follow her and then call the police, but then the man who was holding Lisa captive pulled a gun. The next thing Peter knew Lisa was in his car, her captor was lying on the ground, bleeding, and Peter was driving off madly into the night.

Peter soon discovered that Lisa's captor was the brother of the local police chief and that Peter himself was now wanted for kidnapping her. If the local police caught them they would give Lisa back to her abuser and by the time Peter could free himself and summon help she would have disappeared forever to keep her from telling any outsider her story.

When Lisa told Peter her real address he realized that her home was only a three hour drive away. Surely, the safest thing to do was just get her away from the local cops and take her home, just deliver her safe and sound into her parents' arms. But unknown to Peter, the men who had kidnapped Lisa and sold her to the pedophile were already hot on their trail and not about to let either of them escape with their lives.

This novel was originally published in hardcover in 1996 by Carroll and Graf under the title: My Real Name Is Lisa with David Alexander listed as the author.
     NOTE: A screenplay based on this novel is available from the author. 
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