True Faith
When eight immigrants arrived at the Baltimore Federal Courthouse to be sworn in as citizens, they didn't give a thought to the trial next door of five terrorists charged with the bombing of a federal building.

Baltimore Sun Reporter Mark Shrader did care about that trial. His wife and unborn child had been killed in that explosion, but in spite of his pleas to cover the case, he was instead ordered to write a Sunday Supplement article on the new citizens.

When the terrorists escaped their guards and took the immigrants hostage Mark Shrader thought that his chance for vengeance had come.

As he covertly planned his attack on the killers, Mark Shrader told the immigrants how high the price of fighting back might be. Several of them agreed to pay it, not the least of whom was Le Thai Mai's grown son, a rookie Baltimore police officer who, against all orders, embarked on a desperate plan to save his mother's life.

     NOTE: A screenplay based on this novel is available from the author.
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