In 1968 Major Daniel Leighton's F-4 was shot down over North Vietnam. Leighton bailed out and made his way to the ocean. Just as he was about to steal a boat to sail onto the Gulf of Tonkin where he might be spotted by Air/Sea Rescue, he was captured and taken the Hoa Lo Prison, the infamous Hanoi Hilton. There Leighton underwent emotional and terrifying events which I choose not to describe in this little blurb. A sentence or two won't do them justice. After much travail, Daniel survived to return home.


Halfway through his incarceration in the Hanoi Hilton Daniel's wife and children moved to a new house in Southern California. After arriving home to an unexpected hero's welcome, Daniel was faced with the difficult task of rebuilding his shattered relationship with his brother and both of them struggled to put the passions of the war behind them. Before that relationship could be healed, fate stepped in and handed Daniel perhaps the most serious challenge he had faced yet.


Daniel is a short, fast-paced, story.

     NOTE: A screenplay based on this novel is available from the author.
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