The Traitor's Mistress
Secretary of State, Randall Tanner, was shocked when he read the Top Secret file that was hand delivered by one of his Ambassadors. After three agonizing days he decided that the President had to die and he initiated a plot to have President Ted Hoskins assassinated in a way that would make his death look like an accident. The plotters also killed Hoskins' mistress, the Secretary of the Interior, Sarah Brewster.
Five years later, Sarah's alcoholic husband found her diary and contacted an ex-CIA agent turned international affairs writer to ghost-write a book spilling all of Hoskins' secrets. The killers quickly got rid of Sarah's husband, but by then the diary had fallen into the hands of his daughter, Allison, and the ghostwriter, Steve Grant.
Barely one step ahead of the killers, Steve and Allison desperately search for Sarah's last hidden file, the one that contains the whole story about the President, a file they have to find before the killers find them if they expect to have any hope of staying alive.

     NOTE: A screenplay based on this novel is available from the author.
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