Etched In Bone
After being acquitted of eight grisly murders by reason of insanity, Hanford Wells was committed to the Hickory Hollow Forensic Psychiatric Center, from which he soon escaped. When dental records proved that the battered body discovered in the woods was that of his missing patient, forensic psychiatrist, Llewellyn Price, breathed a sigh of relief.

Now, a year later a girl’s skeleton is discovered near Wells’ home town and into her skull are carved a line of symbols strikingly similar to those Wells drew before his escape.

Dr. Price has been asked to help the authorities profile the killer, a job he accepts amidst growing fears that Hanford Wells may not be dead after all. If he’s not, Price knows that this girl might not have been the madman’s first victim and that she certainly will not be his last.
     NOTE: A screenplay based on this novel is available from the author. 
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