David Grace Novels in Alphabetical Order
A Death In Beverly Hills
Doll's Eyes
Etched In Bone
Easy Target
The Accidental Magician
The Forbidden List
Fever Dreams
Stolen Angel
True Faith
Sci-Fantasy novel. Orignally published by Pocket Books under the Title: Fane.
Hollywood/Courtroom Detective Novel for fans of Jonathan Kellerman and Michael Connelly stories.
San Diego Homicide Detective on the trail of a drive-by killer, but different.
Kansas serial killer tangles with retired NYPD Detective, a rich story worth reading. 
Forensic psychiatrist on the trail of a serial killer in Upstate NY.
Private detective with Hoodoo skills is drawn a into a web of lies and murder. Set in Baltimore.
Dangerous technology is on the loose. Who will get to it first?
A stranger finds a kidnapped child and vows to bring her home, but the kidnappers have other ideas.
Eight immigrants about to become U.S. citizens are taken hostage by terrorists. More complicated than it might seem. 
After the Secretary of State was successful in plotting the murder of the President and his mistress, he thought he was home free. Until five years later when the mistress's diary was found. 
The Traitor's Mistress
F-4 Phantom pilot, Daniel Leighton, is shot down over North Vietnam, captured, and locked up in the infamous Hanoi Hilton. And that's just the beginning of the story.
Shooting Crows At Dawn
Three killers race for the Mexican border with the impacable Sheriff on their trail, determined to bring them to Texas Justice or die trying.
The Concrete Kiss
Homicide Detective Ned Danes discovers that an ambitious Deputy D.A. has concealed evidence of an accused murderer's innocence in order to secure a headline-grabbing conviction. Danes is warned that a smart guy would keep his mouth shut. More interested in being a good guy than a smart one, Danes torpedoes the corrupt Deputy D.A.'s case, and for his honesty, Danes is exiled to the tiny, basement office of the Cold Case Squad.
And then things get complicated. 
Death Never Sleeps
Veteran Homicide Detective Big Jim Donegan and his young partner are called to the scene of a bizarre crime which is only the beginning of a complicated and emotional case.
Homicide detective turned Homeland Security Agent Greg Kane suspects that an HHS employee may have been killed to keep new prohibited substances list from going into effect, but he has no idea who's behind the crime, which chemical they are so desperate to import, and what they plan to do with it once they've gotten their hands on it.
Death Never Lies
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Death Doesn't Care
In this sequel to Death Never Sleeps Detective Chris Hunter stumbles across the files on the Early Bird Cafe Massacre and begins to wonder if the real killer might still be on the loose.
The Wrong Side Of A Gun
 - Release Date: March 1, 2016 -
Deputy U.S. Marshal Virgil Quinn always gets his man – with one exception. The one fugitive Virgil hasn’t yet been able to capture is his unstable ex-wife who’s run off with Quinn’s ten-year-old daughter.
For nine long years, while Quinn is tracking down a host of criminals and fugitives he continues his relentless search for his runaway ex-wife and his vanished child.