Easy Target
After twenty-five years on the job, NYPD Lieutenant Greg Webster retired to a small Kansas college to teach classes in Criminal Justice. Webster looked forward to the move as a well-deserved rest for himself and his social-worker wife, Carolyn. Unfortunately, before even a year had passed Carolyn was dead, killed in an apparent hit-and-run accident. Though dazed and heartbroken, Greg suspected nothing sinister about her death until, as a class project, one of Webster's students began researching local violent deaths and Carolyn's accident began to look more and more like the latest in a series of murders.

But why would a successful serial killer tempt fate by targeting the wife of a retired NYPD homicide detective? Maybe because it was all becoming too easy for him, too many easy targets. Now the murderer, who calls himself "The Watcher," wants more of a challenge, an opponent tougher than the local campus cops. But in taking on Greg Webster the Watcher made a serious mistake. He should have heeded the old warning: Be careful what you wish for.
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